Mermaid Artistics

Customized Tattooing and Artwork and 30 years of experience in piercing. By appointment only!

Floral thigh piece

Roses and mandala

Sak Yant

Be the lady you want to be.

Ladies tattoos are not always small or even ladylike..My lady clients wear any size and style tattoos,from a tiny heart to a fullsize skull. Every girl decides for herself!

Cute and tiny tattoos can be found at the album Tiny Tattoos ;)

A beautiful starfish for Rina

Shark and flowers wristpiece for Steffi

Joyce's hydrangea sidepiece.

Lily's on both shoulders

For her dad,who tends to forget things sometimes..

Somethings missing..

Butterfly floral armpiece


Custom butterly floralpiece for Nattie

A small lotus unalome

Ganesha and lotus

Custom floral calfpiece

Skeleton praying hands


Wieke's poppy!

Orchids for Franciska's mom .R.I.P.

In loving memory

Name your Love

Love your name!

Custom infinity


Emma's shakra backpiece

Colorful hummingbird

Mandala style