Mermaid Artistics

Customized Tattooing and Artwork and 30 years of experience in piercing. By appointment only!

Sleeves, projects and more.

For some it starts with several small tattoos that start to grow together. I myself am a collector and have gotten my sleeves over the last 30 years. To me a sleeve is a life story.

Some plan everything ahead and communicate their wishes to result in a plan.This can take anywhere from 5 to 20 appointments,depending on style and detail.Either way,you are welcome for big projects!

Here's some of my bigger projects on my loyals!

Sweet Martijn. Always under construction ;)


Mega coverup @ Daan!

In progress

Tribal coverup project on Daniel

All in progress!


My good friend Nikki in South-Africa! <>

Love <3

Bic Love



Sleeve project on Sebas,in progress.

Seb ,skulls and the Kraken, a real story.

Echt stoer, Mike de Boer :-} in progress

Sharona's lioness piece

Marisha, sjiek en rof. x

Alex SA

This backpiece took 23 hours in 4 sittings.

9 hours of whipshading

Jordi, on his way! First sleeve almost done.

Beste Dickie's allereerste keer.

Frequent Flyer Nils.

Evan,one of the good guys.

Bas!..en broer :)

Syf, m'n Egyptische gappie met Egyptische arm.

Jur,nog effies. ;)

Freehand vlechtwerk bij Gert-Jan