Mermaid Artistics

Customized Tattooing and Artwork and 30 years of experience in piercing. By appointment only!

Mermaid Tattoo & Piercing

Private studio ,by appointment please.

Uitsluitend op afspraak dinsdag,woensdag,vrijdag,zaterdag en zondag.

Amperestraat 35 achter (showroom) 1221 GG Hilversum

06-11114838 (What'sApp)

Inga van Wijngaarden

Tattooing,Piercing and Art

I specialize in custom work. Designing and tattooing in many styles like mandala,flowerpieces,full color,black and grey work,cover-ups,big projects and cute small designs. Custom tattoodesigns for ladies and mens tattoos are my favorite,I prefer not to copy,although this can not always be avoided. Small tattoos are on fixed price,larger projects like armsleeves,legs and backpieces are on hourly rate.

I also paint for fun and do commissions at times.Triptic paintings on canvas are my specialty,prizes differ. Please Email me for information!







Flash are always available. Special prizes on Flashday. Events are posted on the Facebook page Mermaid Tattooing and Piercing.

Available flash designs for small budgets.

Also visit my gallery for other pictures of all kinds of tattoos!

In the gallery you will find ladies tattoos, mens tattoos, tiny tattoos and big projects for your inspiration. I prefer to make original designs for everyone,but this is not mandatory.

I love floralpieces and steampunkstyle!

Customdesign underboob

Gentlemens tattoos

Custom design

Wavy ladiestattoos

Unalome lotus

Beautiful life oneliner

Free to come and go




Over 25 years of experience!

You are in safe hands with me. I make all possible piercings aslong as it is no hazard to your health.       You will receive the best jewelry and a free follow-up. An appointment is always required.


Contemporary Art, painted for pleasure most are for sale.

I recently started painting acrylicpaintings. I love how this artistic process gives me a much wider perspective of art and it brings me much joy.

Because I can't keep all these paintings myself ..most of them are for sale!

Talk to me?

Please feel free to ask for any information about tattoos,piercings or my artwork,click here!


You are welcome to contact me with questions about tattoos,piercings and my artwork. I will do my very best to answer you asap.

For custom tattoodesigns there is a waiting list. The designs will thus be shared in PDF or on paper after a design-fee has been payed or a downpayment for the tattoo appointment has been made.

If you'd like an appointment to discuss your wishes in person,please send me a WhatsApp message on 06-11114838

I paint for fun ,but most featured paintings are for sale. An occasional commission will be taken,please contact me.