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Nose piercings

The nostril piercing is one of the oldest recorded piercings in history,even being mentioned in the Bible...Ezekiel 16:12 ,look it up! :) The initial jewelry can be a stud or a ring,depending on preference and anatomy,we will gladly advise you.. It has an average healingtime of 6-8 weeks when well cared after. 

The septum piercing is very popular among women nowadays,a bit more tender but quick to heal and beautiful jewelry to replace after healing.

Karin with her very delicate nose stud.

Septum piercing. Hip,modern designs of replacement jewelry for all subcultures!

Small and jeweled

Or plain and simple.

Nostril stud

Nostril ring

Septum with a traditional ball closure ring

A snug smooth segment ring

High placed circular barbell

Delicate jeweled nose stud

Belly piercings

A piercing with an average healing time of 4-6 months.

Good aftercare is of the essence,but with  a beautiful result.

True adornment!



Double bellybutton piercing

Standard choice of jewelry for belly and nostril piercings. Ask for the options when you're getting a new piercing!

Ear piercings

The ear gives us the biggest variety of piercings.                       Starting ofcourse with the lobes.In many cultures girls get their ears pierced at a young age by an elder as a form of annitiation.

In the"modern world and times" you can have it done with a piercinggun in nearly any jewelshop in every town. Always in fashion,but without real knowledge of anatomy and healing processes. When getting it done by a professional piercer you get personalised advice about placement,jewelry and aftercare. most ears allow for 3 or 4 lobe piercings maximum. The healing process takes an average of 6 weeks.     Check ups come free of charge!

With all other piercings in the ear we deal with cartilage which has a different healing process than the "fleshy" lobe.

Being very sensitive to moisture,it is super important to take good care of the piercing during a lengthy time. Specificly drying well after washing,sweating or walking in the lush summer rain.

The thicker the cartilage,the longer the healing process,sounds obvious right? Here's a few examples:  

Helix ca 10 weeks        Industrial(helix and foreward helix with 1 piece of jewelry) ca 12 weeks                                                                       Tragus ca 12 weeks       Conch ca 16 weeks    


Subtle gonch piercing

Helix with a flatended stud

Horizontal double lobe and helix.

Industrial with flexible bioplast

Tongue piercings

A very playfull piercing,not for the faint of heart.

Many rumors and horrorstory's surround this piercing.but it is actually one of the quickest healing piercings if anatomy allows for it and placed correctly. One important rule is to check for vains which can be accompanied by a nerve. A small flashlight is of assistance in this.

An average healingtime of 6 weeks of which the first 10-14 days are the most important. After this period of time you will come back in for fitted jewelry free of cost.

Snake eye. Don't try this at home please.

Lip piercing

The lower lip piercings are by far the most popular,the upperlip can be pierced in several ways aswell with an average healingtime of 8-10 weeks. We often reccomend flexible plastic like PTFE or Bioplast.        The lower lip tends to heal quite a bit faster as it is thinner and less muscular. ca 6-7 weeks. Standard jewelry is a 316L surical steel or titanium ring or stud.

A lower lip piercing with labret stud

Piercings and jewelry.

Piercings are still popular,but very much influenced by fashion. At the moment all earpiercings,nosepiercing are in favour.

With my 29 years of experience I can make every possible piercing,but I will advise you about jewelry and placement. You get the best advice about the healingprocess and are welcome after a few weeks for a free check-up.

If you are younger than 16 years of age you will need parental permission

I have a fair collection of jewelry but anything can be ordered specificly for you! 

Obviously not all piercings are allowed to be shown on this site,inqueries about other options are welcome through WhatsApp.    06-11114838